The Harmonic's FAQs

Below are a range of questions you might want answered before making an enquiry. If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our dedicated Alive Network agent who will be happy to answer anything for you.

Where will you travel to?

We are able to travel both UK wide and internationally, wherever the gig calls!

How long do you play for?

We provide up to 2 hours of live music and will always tailor our performances to suit and compliment your event! For example:

2 x 60 minute sets
3 x 40 minute sets
30 minute set followed by an exciting 90 minute final set!

On top of this we offer an acoustic upgrade option, which consists of a 30 minute set of carefully selected acoustic music with two-voice harmony, ideal for an afternoon drinks reception or early evening entertainment.

Are you able to DJ/provide background music in between sets?

After the final set, we will provide the DJ music until midnight at no extra cost! We take on the road with us a laptop containing thousands of popular songs for this very purpose! We are happy to take requests for the DJ music in advance of your event to give you the chance of hearing the songs you want!

Music playlists between our live sets comes as standard with every booking.

How much does it cost to book the band?

Our prices vary depending on the location of your event and any upgrade options.

We do charge an extra fee for finish times beyond midnight (that includes the DJ music). We do not however charge anything to arrive early and set up as we understand this has to fit around the nature of your event.

How long do you take to load-in and set up?

In normal circumstances we can be set up and sound-checked within 90 minutes from the time of arrival. This includes the time spent loading in our equipment.

What time do you start and finish playing?

We would usually start our first set at 9pm and look to finish the second set between 11-11.30 or with the mood of the evening. We are totally flexible with this however, should you have something in mind for us to work around.

Can I pick the bands playlist?

We are more than happy for you to pick which songs from our repertoire are played and it is usually best if you let us know if there any songs you definitely do or don’t want in advance!

We will then take your choices and craft them into sets to keep your guests dancing.

Can my neighbour do a song with your band?

With enough notice we are happy to make arrangements for a ‘special guest appearance’ on the night! However we do reserve the right to refuse people playing with or singing through our equipment at our discretion.

We are happy to let our microphones be used for speeches/announcements etc… although these are not radio mics.

Can I see you play live?

We tend to perform at private parties and function rather than public gigs so seeing us in action beforehand is often a tricky proposition. However we have full band recordings and videos for you in the Media section of our website to give you a vision of what we can do!

Can we see some reviews of your gigs?

Yes, we have a Testimonials page with a list of our previous client reviews. 

Will you learn our favourite song?

We will always do our best to play any special requests or learn your choice of first dance. This may not always be possible, but we will confirm whether we can play any such requests for you at the time of booking.

What will the band look like?

For weddings and formal events we usually dress smartly. At parties and other events we dress more informally. There are lots of pictures of us in action in our photo gallery for you to get the idea!

Does the band have PAT and PLI certificates?

We have up to date PAT certification and Public Liability Insurance cover up to £1.25m. If you require copies of this in advance we can send that over by email.

How much space do the band need?

We will normally require an area of about 5x3 metres to set up our equipment together with access to at least 1 mains power socket. We are well practiced at making the most of whatever space is available however!

Do The Harmonics have any specific requirements?

We will need access to 1 or 2 power sockets at the venue for our equipment.

We normally request something to eat and a supply of water/soft drinks for the duration of our time at your event if this is possible depending on the nature of your event, but apart from that we are entirely self contained.

We will also need a designated room where we can get changed before our performance.

Why should I book The Harmonics?

Because we have three GCSEs in French between us.

How do I book you?

You can book us on this very website!! Or if you prefer, you can speak directly to our Alive Network agents on 0845 108 5500